Monday, July 1, 2013


For 20 years I was a journalist, of which seven years I was Footloose in Oman. For a year I was nothing, because I wanted that. No, I did not quit as the editor of Business Today because I wanted to start 'my own thing'. I quit without a plan. I quit because I wanted to retire at 43.

All I wanted was to put my feet up, have my coffee and read my books. And I did just that. I think my friends were more appalled than my family about this decision to 'prematurely hang the boots' as they called it. So over the last few months I declined politely all the offers that came my way (yes, we journalists are like that: if we know any of our good friends is trying to retire, we swamp them with offers and opportunities and entice him/her back to the newsroom because it is our little secret world – seductive, addictive and clannish).

So after a year of sipping coffee and reading books, am I happy? The answer is both yes and no. I would have said yes, but then it would be a lie. If I were truly and completely happy I wouldn't be missing the newsroom banter and the rush of deadlines every now and then. Do I want to get back into the madness? No, at least not yet.

So here it is, a middle path, where I substitute my book with the laptop occasionally, as I go Footloose in Mumbai. So here is Mumbai through my eyes, camera and phone. I am just a year old in Mumbai so this is as much a journey of discovery for me as it is time pass.